Baby Charlie is 9 months Old!

If this little guy looks familiar to you, then great!  You've been paying close attention to my blog.  I've taken pictures of him twice before: once as a newborn, and again when he was 3 months old.  And now that he's 9 months old, I'm realizing how quickly he has changed in such a short period of time.

For this shoot, his parents (who are wonderful friends of mine!) and I first went out to lunch, and then wandered over to a nearby park.  As usual, Charlie was so good-natured and smiled for my camera like a pro.  He's getting good at this. :)

This was my very first shot of the day.  And I love it because he looks so chill here.  
"Hey camera lady, what's up."  --Charlie

Here come those teeth.

What an adorable family, seriously!  

This is probably my favorite photo of the day.  A very non-traditional family portrait :)

I take everyone to this bridge... it's one of my favorite spots.  

He's such a happy little guy!!  Or, maybe I just look really silly...?

I love the little fish on his rear-end.

My mom is FUNNY!
Mmmm... feels so good on the gums.


Can't you just feel the little tingle of magic being shared between this mom and her son?

Thank you Madeline and Pat for letting me take your pictures again!  It's always a pleasure :)


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