The McGuire Family

I recently met up with a friend of mine who I had worked with while student-teaching.  We've kept in touch, and I was so honored when she contacted me to take some family pictures!  I had heard so much about her kids and husband, so it was fun to finally meet them.  

#1 favorite of the twins.  Cute!

#2 favorite.  The kids are so "over" my photo session.

The McGuire Family

My sneak-peek photo.  I love the interaction here between this brother and sister.  So classic!

What a happy little guy!

Beautiful girl.

Splish, splash!  I had never gotten in the creek before, but I loved that they suggested it!  The cool water felt amazing, considering the 90 degree weather and 80% humidity!  Ugh.



Look at those big blue eyes.

FINALLY - the playground!  Pure excitement.

Practicing for senior pictures :)

A classic family portrait.

Awe!  A cute one of this proud daddy and his son.

This expression is awesome.  I think she looks much older and wiser than three here.

Kind of artsy-fartsy, but I really enjoy the motion of this shot.

The three kiddos, with their mom and dad behind me making silly faces :)

One last shot of this adorable little girl.  Again, so timeless.

McGuires: thank you again for spending a very steamy Sunday morning with me!  Despite the crippling heat and humidity, I think we got some really great shots.  I look forward to our next lunch date! :)


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