Baby Delaney - Continued!

Just a word of warning before you look at these pictures... they might give you baby fever!  At less than a week old, this little cherub was cute enough to eat.  Okay, maybe not eat... but you get the idea!  Miss Delaney, you stole my heart :)

When I arrived, this little peanut was bright-eyed and wide awake!  Hi there, munchkin.
But never fear, mom knew what to do!  She waved her mommy wand and little Delaney drifted peacefully to sleep.
At which point, dress-up time began!  Don't you love how maneuverable a newborn is when they're sleeping?

She's just ridiculously adorable.  Look at those little wrinkles!

Perfectly sound asleep...

 This is my favorite shot of the day (and my sneak peek photo, if you've been paying attention)!

Delaney has an older sister, Emma, who was eager to greet me at the front door, but not as eager to smile for my camera... I really love this portrait of her though.  What a look!!
Little did she know that she was showing off those gorgeous blue/grey eyes.
Her daddy knew how to get her to smile though!
 She's going to make a great big sister!  Check out the matching outfits.

One last picture of this little munchkin before you go.
Congrats to Delaney & Emma's parents!  You certainly have a lot to be proud of :)  Thanks for having me out.


Monica-Delaney and Emma's Mom said...

OMG Michelle! Even the photos of Emma are great!!!

Melissa Jurewicz said...

Beautiful. I love Emma's first picture. And I couldn't pick a favorite of Delaney because they are all wonderful. No wait, I really like the one with the butterfly wings. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!!! They are both beautiful!!! (o:

pizzathehut said...

Beautiful pictures Shell. The sisters pictures almost made me cry!

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