Baby Quinn

I traveled up to Columbus a few weeks ago to photograph Baby Quinn who had just turned three months old.  He was such a sweet little guy - but really just wanted to sleep while I was there!  We did manage to get a few shots in between his mini naps though.  The family also has two dogs which are also a big part of their lives, so of course I snapped a few shots of them, too.  Enjoy!

A little face-time with Mommy.

These friendly eyes kept a watch over the photo shoot.
Hangin' out with Dad.
He started getting ver-y sleep-y....
But it was back inside for an outfit change!  ...and a snooze on the countertop.
Sleepy eyes and a quick snack. Nom, nom, nom.
We picked a beautiful day for photos, and they have a gorgeous backyard.  So, we headed back outside for a few more pictures.
They had really wanted some pictures of the family with the dogs...
So we called the dogs over and Quinn got some puppy kisses!
We did our best to position everyone... 
And Quinn took the opportunity to snooze a little more with his furry babysitter...
This puppy had no problem posing for the camera.  How cute is this? 
(it's the dog that you don't see that wasn't as eager to smile for the camera... she couldn't resist playing with her stuffed squirrel!)
So, we made the most of it and settled for a dog-free family portrait!

Right before I left, Quinn woke up from his cat-nap and gave me this...  
I knew there was a smile in there somewhere!
Thanks for inviting me over to photograph your beautiful family!  Congratulation on your sweet baby boy. :)


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