Baby Ella | Newborn Session

I recently took a break from my busy, fall season to photograph this little beauty.  Newborn babies always give me such a sense of calm... and photographing them always leaves me wanting to have another of my own!  What can I say, I'm just a baby person.  My hubby is rolling his eyes right now while reading this, I am sure.  Sorry honey! :)

Little Ella was already 4 weeks old for her big, newborn photo shoot.  Although she refused to fall asleep for us during the session, she had no trouble staring right into my camera lens, showing off those beautiful big eyes.  She really just wanted to snuggle up with her mommy and daddy while I was there.  So, that's exactly what we did!  It reminded me of rule #1 when photographing newborn babies: always remember who's running the show. (hint: it's not the photographer!)

Enjoy this gorgeous little girl.   


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