My niece, Mackenzie, and her parents are moving to Florida in just a few short weeks.  So, I've been trying to spend as much time with them as possible lately.  Even though we're planning to visit them often, I know that Mackenzie will be growing and changing so quickly.  

Someday I'll reminisce with her about the time we spent together when she lived in Ohio.  I love photography because it has the immense power to freeze a single moment in time, forever.  These pictures will certainly help to tell her my story.

I stopped by my in-laws a few weeks ago to have a picnic with my mother-in-law and Mackenzie.  It was a little warm, so we put her in this adult-sized hat.  How posh is she?!

She had placed a single rock in each of my mother-in-law's bird baths. :)

Bubble girl!


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