Baby Ella

I love photographing newborns.  I am continually shocked and amazed by how LITTLE they are!  This little girl was no exception.  At just two weeks old, little Ella was just a teeny peanut.  And what was even more amazing, she was that she was AWAKE for the entire session!  I guess the little nugget just didn't want to miss a thing.  I really enjoyed my morning session with her and her proud mommy and daddy!  You are all so sweet.


See what I mean about her being a little peanut?
Look at those blue eyes!

We moved outside for a few on the front porch - and I'm so glad we did!  I love these.

These two were really cute together.  Note Sean's tongue sticking out!
My favorite family pic of the day, below.  
And last but not least, a rare shot of just mom & dad.  I think it's always nice to get a few of these before I go.
Thanks so much for allowing me to capture Ella in her first few weeks of life!  I can't wait to show you the rest of the pics. 


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