Lillian Turns Two - Continued!

If little Lillian looks familiar to you, then great!  You've been paying attention to my blog.  This was actually the 3rd time that I have photographed her: once as a baby, again at her 1st birthday, and now as a 2 year old!  Her parents are personal friends of mine and I feel privileged to have gotten to capture these moments for them as she grows.

We met on a beautiful April day at Ault Park.  Lillian was full of energy...

And full of smiles - how cute!
I love her loose, curly locks.
The tulip trees were in full bloom and dropping wispy petals on the sidewalk...

Shortly after this shot, we decided it was time for an outfit change - bring on the tutu!!!

Are you ready for some serious cuteness?  Because gheesh, Lillian is a heavy hitter. :)
Hugs from the ballerina for mommy!
And then it was time to FLY!

A little trading of sunglasses - see Lillian's mom in the reflection?
I love these next two - so sweet.

And last but certainly not least, a couple of shots with her mommy.

Happy 2nd birthday, Lillian!  I hope to see you soon, munchkin.


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