Will + Kate

My best friend from college had her first baby last November, little Kate.  Just a few months later, her sister-in-law (and also a sorority sister of mine - Ya!), had her first baby, Will!  Born just months apart, these two little cuties will inevitably have a lot of fun growing up together!

My friend and her husband surprised me in May (they live in Chicago) when they arrived unexpectedly to celebrate my birthday!  It was a great weekend, and we were even able to make time for some pictures.  Both babies and even the grandparents got in on the fun!

I started the session with Miss Kate.  I LOVE her curly little tresses.

And now introducing, Will, her younger cousin!  
(he opted to sleep through most of the session)
Being the center of attention is hard work for any 7-week old.
Love this one!

We woke him up while trying to get some naked shots (that didn't quite work out... he clearly prefers clothes and diaper ON...)
So, I hurried to snap a few of the cousins together.  Don't they look alike?
The weather didn't really cooperate with my outdoor shoot plans that day, but we did get a few dry moments to squeeze in the next series.  I'm so glad it worked out!  I love these.
HAPPY baby! :)

Will's turn!

Then it was time for Grandma and Grandpa to get in on the action.

Uh oh, I think Will's had reached his photo limit for the day.
 Just one more quick family photo!
Okay, maybe two.
Bye, bye Kate!  Hope you enjoyed the photo shoot!
Thanks again for being so flexible and letting me rearrange the furniture in your house :)  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  See you SOON!!


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