Baby Karys, Newborn Photos!

At just 4 days old, little Karys was a little sweet pea!  I am amazed time and time again by how small newborn babies are.  Tiny fingers, tiny little toes... it's such a miracle.  

She snoozed for most of the session...  let's face it though, she'd had a BIG week!

Enjoying the snuggly blanket that a friend of the family made...

Her mommy & daddy didn't want to be in the pictures - but I did manage to get a couple of their hands!

My favorite picture of the day is below.  She's so TINY in her daddy's arms!

Loving the tu-tu!  We had been planning this shot for weeks :)
Look at that lip!  She is wiped-out!

Basket time!

Night-night little Karys!  It was a pleasure meeting you :)


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