Baby Matthew - 6 months old

I met Pete and Meghan several years ago when we bowled together in the Cincinnati Sports League's Thursday night league.  (winter League Champs 2007 - woot woot!)  We've kept in touch over the years and six months ago, they added a new member to their family, Matthew!  They were anxious to get some photos of him before his little teeth started coming in.

He has such a cute smile!

Tummy time with Daddy.

I think the excitement wore him out... our little model fell asleep.
Isn't he just a cherub?
So peaceful...
We ventured upstairs to his nursery to put him down for a nap when....


 ...he woke up and was ready to go again!  So, we took advantage of the opportunity and squeezed in a few more photos.

Little toes, little shoes - I love details :)
Kisses for Matt!
Nom, nom, nom.  Fingers are yummy.
Thanks guys!  It was really great to get together again.  Let's plan a league reunion SOON!! :)


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