The A. Family Portrait Session

The A. Family was my last outdoor family shoot of the season.  I couldn't believe it when they volunteered to drive down from Columbus for the photo session!  Thanks for traveling all of that way, especially with your little munchkin.  What a cutie!  She was all smiles when we arrived at Ault Park early on Sunday morning.  I think I made a new friend :)

Here are some of my favorites from the session.  I had a really hard time deciding what to post; they really turned out great.

What a happy girl!  She made my job easy.
Look at those long eyelashes!

Mom brought along a string of pearls which made little Audrey very happy!

The fall is my favorite time of year for photographs...
The grass is still green and the trees are exploding with color.  Beautiful.
How great is this hat?!  She looks like a little bear cub :)
I love the texture of the afghan below.  It made for a great black and white conversion.
And lastly, I couldn't resist a shot of the boots!  Too cute.  Can I borrow these? ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for coming all of the way down to Cincinnati for pictures.  I really enjoyed meeting you and hope that you love the moments we captured!


Annette said...

Wow Shelly these are so beautiful, a beautiful family of course, but you really captured them well!!

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