Baby Colton {Newborn Session}

I was thrilled when one of my former sorority sisters contacted me to do some photos of her newborn son.  It had been over 8 years since we had seen each other, and obviously much has changed since our college days!  It was great catching up and I loved meeting her husband and beautiful baby boy!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our session.

An itty-bitty head...
And tiny little toes.
Introducing baby Colton!
I think he's destined to be a baseball player... what do you think? :)
I love the shot below.  

I love the window light in his eyes.  
The 'new' Settlemire family :)

"Heyyyy mom!  I'm hungry!"  --Colton
He's all snuggled in.  I can't get over all of his hair!!
This big cozy chair sits in Colton's nursery.  I'm sure plenty of late nights are spent here!

--The End--
Thanks again for contacting me to do pictures of your gorgeous baby!  It was fun to reconnect and catch up, too :)  Have a *fantastic* first Christmas with your little guy! 


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