The K. Family {Family Photographer, Cincinnati, OH}

I had the pleasure of photographing the K. Family again this summer.  Believe it or not, this is the third year in a row that I've gotten to photograph their family!  It's always fun, and definitely a session that I look forward to. :)  Their mom always comes to the session very prepared with props and ideas, which is always so helpful.  I keep thinking that I need to hire her as a stylist for my sessions :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from their session.  Enjoy!

Popcorn time.  Little Josie dove right in - two hands in the bowl!
A great shot of mom & dad!
The kids wanted to show me the 'poses' they had been working on... here are Ellie's:
And what a great big brother ! :)  This just happened... no direction from me!
A little running around the park...
The three amigos.
Tickles for the baby.
This is a face of pure joy.  
The kids were trying to get a better look at the ducks under the bridge.  :)
Oh boy.  I doesn't get much cuter than a frilly dress and a lollipop!  
I just love the photo below.  They're all so intent on their suckers.
Eyeing each other's progress...

Some of my favorite kid portraits of the summer below!

The end!  I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks again for sharing your morning with me!


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