The W. Family {Family Photographer, Cincinnati, OH}

Some good friends of ours were in town from Columbus for a family reunion in July.  Luckily, they were able to come a little early so that we could take some pictures, eat lunch (Richard's - YUM!) and catch up!  It was the first time that we had met each other's babies, which obviously was much overdue since they are both turning one this fall.

It was great to see you three and catch up.  Thanks again for making time to squeeze in the photos - I really hope that you like them :)  A few of my favorites are below.

Check out her gorgeous, big brown eyes.  Aren't they beautiful?
The W. Family!

Flyin' high with momma.  I think her eyes are stunning in B&W, too!
Daddy's girl.

Hey there lil' butterfly.
Look at that hair, blowing in the wind :)

Look at the reflection of the trees in her eyes!  Wow.

The End!  
Thanks again for coming down; it was so nice to see you all!!


Andy Welborn said...

Shelly...thanks so much for doing this for us - we love the pictures! Was so great to spend time with you and the boys, will have to have you guys up to C-bus to do it again soon. Thanks again!

- Andy, Manek, and Raegan

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